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Now BelQuette Direct to Garment Printers has joined forces with ColDesi, Inc.

This couldn’t be a more positive event! First, it will lead to even more people benefitting from BelQuette’s advancements and problem solving products. Then it will lead to even GREATER advancements as Mark and Brett will focus on BelQuette Technologies while ColDesi will work with customers and owners at providing the best customer service, training, support and new products possible.

BelQuette Technologies will be solely focused on new product development, software, engineering and the kind of paradigm shifting technologies needed that will take apparel decorating into the next decade.

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About BelQuette

In 2002, Mark Mombourquette and Brett Weibel began developing a technology that would help create a new, niche market within the garment decoration industry.

Having successfully produced and patented the first direct-to-fingernail printer, dubbed “Imaginail”, a product which had a global distribution of over 4,000 units, the two engineers began looking to apply their knowledge of printing mechanics and their passion for innovation to something larger.

Similar to trends in other industries, which had evolved to meet the growing demand for products that cater to individuality and customization, they surmised that within the clothing industry there existed the potential for a lucrative and sustainable business model which incorporated personalized t-shirts.

They believed a printer could be engineered that would allow companies to offer custom, single print, graphic apparel without the set up costs or low quality normally associated with other printing methods. It was not all smooth sailing, but, after working through some scrapped business partnerships and design plans and through the adoption of similar fundamental principles from their first moving head flatbed “Imaginail” printer platform, the Flexi-Jet Direct-to-Garment printer was born.

For Mark and Brett, innovation is both a need and a desire so the company didn’t stop there.

As their company has grown from just the two of them in a garage a hallmark of BelQuette has been technical excellence, and providing a fresh engineering look at even the most ingrained and common technologies. 

In short, they choose the most common issues with a product or process and solve them. But since they do that from a ground up engineers perspective the results are ground breaking, revolutionary changes.

That’s what they continue to do today. Engineering, new product development, process analysis and improvement, software and hardware projects that make fundamental change.