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The Future of Textile Printing

  1. Gravitas
    • D2 (Digital Printing) Industry

Engineering + Design + Implementation + Reputation

Think about Gravitas as the collective weight of Belquette’s impact on the D2 (Digital Printing) Industry.
Brett Weibel and Mark Mombourquette are 2 of the founding fathers of direct to garment printing in the United States.
Their public products have been sold into the biggest mass customization companies in the world.
Their OEM products are contributing to the success of the most famous manufacturers in the digital space.
Engineering + Design + Implementation + Reputation. That’s Gravitas.
  1. Real Innovation
    • Modular DTG Printing

Innovation + Industry Knowledge + Utility

Innovation by itself isn’t valuable. It has to solve a problem, create a new standard, improve on a process.
The product of real innovation isn’t something that you put in a glass case and admire – it’s something useful. Something that has an impact on the lives and business of the people that adopt it.
Like when BQ developed a truly modular DTG Printer. So their customers could do hot swaps easily. It eliminated downtime, support issues, costly field repairs.
Or when they developed a completely new, ground up printer product that was faster, better and did things that other manufacturers still can’t figure out.
Innovation + Industry Knowledge + Utility = Real Innovation
  1. Inventorship
    • Challenging the status quo

A Different Perspective

Big Industries like Digital Printing are dominated by Big Companies. And a Big Company approach to product development or process improvement is normally to take small steps. Safe ones. Ones that are often limited by personalities, politics, and histories that don’t have much to do with what’s happening now in the market.
BelQuette Technologies doesn’t have that.
We’re focused on Inventorship.
An Inventor doesn’t care who tried what in the past. Or how this developer failed 5 years ago. What has been already tried. Who likes what vs who doesn’t.
That’s a start from scratch, Day Zero, fresh look. At everything.
Inventorship is what helped us create the most innovative systems in the market. And we apply it to everything we do.


Mark Mombourquette

Invention and Design

Mark Mombourquette is a founding member and Director of Technologies at Belquette. His focus has been on shaping the company’s products in printing and fabric treatment.

He is a multiple patent holder, and currently applies his creative engineering skills to a variety of projects in fabric marking, printing and pretreatment systems space.

Mark studied Industrial Electrical Technologies at Mohawk College of Applied Art and Technology, holds a National Industrial Electricians License and is a certified Electronics Technician. Graduating in the top of his class his early career included research and development for Duracell Canada.

His first entrepreneurial effort developed testing equipment for CSA (Canadian Certification Association) and NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory).

Products designed in the custom apparel, garment printing and fabric marking space include the Flexijet DTG Printer, Mod1, and the ground break Genesis DTG Printer. 


Brett D. Weibel

Innovation, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Brett D. Weibel is an entrepreneur and co-founder of BelQuette Inc where he directs the operational activities and organizational structure of the company.

His role includes project management, operational strategy, managing staff members and nurturing the corporate culture. Currently, Mr. Weibel serves as President and Head of Mechanical Design of BelQuette.

Mr. Weibel’s in-depth understanding of the challenges created in a manufacturing environment has enabled him to lead the successful implementation of several product lines.

Prior to co-founding BelQuette Inc, Mr. Weibel was the Plant Engineer of Cindus Corporation for 15 years where he managed all plant and machinery engineering functions of the paper converting facility.  Mr. Weibel was the integral manager in automating the manufacturing machinery and plant facilities.

During this time he also worked as an independent engineering consultant, designing innovative solutions for commercial manufacturers.  He holds a BSAS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Youngstown State University and a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from Northern Kentucky University.

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